#Captain’sQuarters: Electric Family & Steve Brudzewski

Happy Friday, folks! Joining us in the #Captain’sQuarters today is Steve Brudzewski, co-founder of the exciting electronic music clothing brand Electric Family!

The Electric Family team prides itself on creating not just a clothing line, but a grassroots movement, pulling energy and love from the group’s roots in the electronic music community. They spread positivity and goodness through their quality apparel and their company dealings, which us Pirates can definitely get behind.

We thank EF’s co-founder Steve for taking the time to delve into the soul of the brand and what kinds of craziness the company has in store for 2017. Check out the full interview below, and don’t forget to stream Electric Family’s exclusive SoundCloud playlist — only here on #Captain’sQuarters!

Thanks for taking the time to chat! As winter rears its ugly head, how does the Electric Family like to keep warm?

 Living and working in Los Angeles, CA, has its pros and cons, but thankfully it does not get too cold out here in California!

We’re a wee bit envious of that, ha! Anyway, we know that spreading positivity is a key component of the EF ethos. Why is spreading love so important to the team?

 We are all determined to make a positive global impact. Each and every one of us came together because we share the same views of positivity, and share a lot in common musically. Spreading love is so important to us because we strive to treat every person like they are family. If everyone did this, could you imagine how much more amazing the world would be today?

Sounds like a bit of a John Lennon ideology! So, what was the inspiration behind the recent Holiday 2016 release?

 The inspiration behind the holiday collection was to “stay positive.” No matter what life gives you, if you take the path to peace and keep a positive outlook on life, good things come from it.

Solid. What unique challenges come along with running an eCommerce business? 

 Staying relevant, staying fresh, and most importantly adapting with technology. Over the years, technology advances and the only thing that is constant in this business is change. As long as you continue to stay ahead of the curve, you will come out on top.

Are there any plans for a brick and mortar space or any pop-up escapades?

 We are always looking for the next best opportunity for our brand! We will be looking into all growth opportunities that make sense for us in 2017.

How does dance music (and music in general) empower the EF brand?

 Music is a way that artists express themselves, and we express ourselves through apparel and accessories. When we combine the two together it empowers us as a brand to make the biggest impact with our positive messaging.

Right on. What artists are the EF team really keen on right now? 

 Man, this is a tough one. We listen to music every day at the office and everyone has their own flavor. Recently we have been listening to some Rufus Du Sol, Tycho and Bob Moses.

What’s the most exciting national music festival in your eyes right now? And what about international festivals?

 Coachella and EDC Las Vegas are on the forefront of USA festivals in our eyes. Tomorrowland and BPM are international festivals that have both had an amazing run over the past 10 years and have established themselves as a must-experience festival that we are very keen on.

What kinds of Electric activity can we expect from the Family in 2017?

 We are really looking to do more interactive events with fans. Our signature “DO GOOD” events are what we will be focusing on doing more of in 2017.

Any advice for any readers who are itching to launch their own clothing or lifestyle brand?

 Anyone can sell a T-shirt — if you start a brand, make sure your brand has a purpose or story that people can get behind.

That’s a wrap, folks! Make sure to follow Electric Family on their socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and check out their 2017 Holiday Line on their website today.

Oh, and make sure to take a listen to the exclusive SoundCloud playlist provided by the Electric Family team themselves! Catch you next time!