#Captain’sQuarters: The Sandlerverse’s Shawn Kohne

Recently, we wrote about a little production called The Sandlerverse, in which YouTuber Shawn Kohne explains how all the movies Adam Sandler has made are somehow connected. He’s since seen his name written up by multiple publications including Time, Mic, Mashable and more… so we figured let’s get the guy in here for an exclusive Captain’s Quarters interview.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Time to pick your brain, mate! Thanks again for letting us throw some questions your way and congrats on the massive success that The Sandlerverse has enjoyed in such a short span of time.

photo Okay, let’s get into the thick of it!

IBMDt4E9-150x150 First things first — was it really the Callahan Auto Parts mention in 50 First Dates that possessed you to start a True Detectives style investigation, or was there something else that kicked off the process?

photo Yes, it truly started with hearing reference to Callahan Auto in Sandusky, Ohio. I had seen 50 First Dates before, but I had never heard that line I guess. But when I did I also remembered Rob Schneider’s Townie being in more than one movie, and Framer Fran, and Chubbs! So it was a done deal after that moment. Then it was just the task of literally watching EVERY Adam Sandler and Happy Madison Production.

FUN FACT: I was actually working on a different Adam Sandler video edit when this idea came about. I still might complete that project at another point in time.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 At the end of your video there was a “2 weeks earlier” screen. Did the whole undertaking actually take two weeks? ‘Cause that beard is diesel.

photo No, it took much longer — I had been working on the Sandlerverse since June 2015. The beard took 433 days to grow. I was originally growing a Yeard (no shaving for 365 days) but when this idea came about I kept the beard longer and used it to look totally insane. Plus it really helped the end of the video.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Over 1M views in less than a week must make you feel like…


photo One million views in less than a week, there is only one way to describe it. Ludicrous. It’s been really neat to bring that many folks a smile! My reaction has been more disbelief than anything. I never once thought my name would be on Time.com… things like that are insanely cool.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 What’s been the coolest part of your Sandlerverse success?

photo The coolest part of the Sandlerverse has to be hearing from the wonderful Tim Herlihy. On the first day he reached out on Twitter to say I had missed things (I knew I couldn’t have found them all) but did an amazing job. And he also pointed out even he did not know about the stuffed duck from Click being in Funny People. So to point out something to the man that created the Sandlerverse…that is pretty darn radical.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 It’s seriously surprising that you don’t have millions of subscribers… yet. Jim Carrey falling down was fantastic, Princess of Thrones was genius and Superjerk hit home for so many of us. Which one of your videos are you most proud of and what kind of content are you most keen on creating?

photo Jason, first off thank you for watching my other videos! That is so cool of you to do! I’m glad you enjoyed what you saw! I do love Superjerk because it’s just so zany, I mean that whole concept is crazy. As for my favorite video, it has to be a tie between The Sandlerverse and Weekend at Jason’s, my Weekend at Bernie’s and Friday the 13th Part 7: A New Blood mash up. With Jim Carrey Falls Down as my runner up, that one was the most fun to make. I will likely keep doing my pop culture edits and sketches here and there.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Ultimately, what’s your goal as someone who makes videos? Do you want to get picked up by a studio, write for a show like SNL or is there something else you have your eye on?

photo My only goal in making these videos is to hopefully make someone laugh or smile for a few minutes in their busy stressful lives. Anything that happens on top of that is just a fantastic bonus.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Back to The Sandlerverse for a minute. We’d be doing everyone an injustice if we didn’t ask — so, what’s your favorite Sandler movie?

photo My favorite Sandler movie will always be Happy Gilmore. It has my favorite jokes, story, characters and acting. My runner up might surprise people, but it’s Airheads. I love The Lone Rangers! Even have a Lone Rangers Live in Prison 94 t-shirt.


IBMDt4E9-150x150 How did you get into video editing and content creation?

photo Originally from St. Louis Missouri I moved to Los Angeles with big dreams and wide eyes of being an actor/comedian. But when money became an issue, I switched to video editing in hopes of not struggling as much.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 At the end of your videos your twitter handle “The Uni Baller” comes up. Is this a tribute to Lance Armstrong or just a username you put together for shits and grins?

photo Ah yes, TheUniBaller! That is a tribute to myself actually. I survived testicular cancer in February of 2009. That’s how TheUniBaller was born. My good friend Danny Barton was kind enough to draw that logo for me and I love him to death for it!

IBMDt4E9-150x150 What’s one thing you would change about the entertainment industry?

photo I would change the way people treat each other. Not just in the entertainment industry either. I just wish people were kinder to one another in general. I for example have bad road rage living in Los Angeles, but I am working on not letting it get to me. It’s something we all need to work at as a whole.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 If you could be any superhero or super villain for one day… who would it be?

photo I would be my own superhero, tho being a villain is very tempting. And my super power…any time I sang everyone around me would also break out into a big huge broadway style number. Even if no one was around they would pop out of cabinets, closets, from the floor boards, etc. If you want a real character, I will go with my childhood favorite Wolverine.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 And finally, what would you say to aspiring actors, directors, editors and content creators?

photo My advice to any creative types is to make the things you want to see. If you like the idea, chances are someone else will enjoy it. Put it together, get it to the people, and let them decide. I have been proud of all my work, or it wouldn’t be online. Make sure you are happy with the product and no one can ever take that away from you. Going viral is not the goal, entertaining someone if only for a few seconds should be your goal.

There you have it, folks! Massive thanks to up-and-coming star Shawn for joining us in the Captain’s Quarters, it was a pleasure! Be sure to subscribe to his page on YouTube and follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all his latest videos!

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