Can’t Swim Impress with Anthemic Debut Album “Fail You Again”

Can’t Swim’s full-length debut album is stuffed with sing-along jams and tunes that will have clubs across the country echoing “HEY HEY HEY, Whatcha running from man?”

What’s more, the album is a moody glimpse into the personal relationships of the band, as well as a crisp commentary on turbulent times.

Engagement with press prior to the album’s release revealed that the band’s drummer has moved to guitar, with Andrea Morgan filling in on drums. This move was definitely a smart one, as the third guitar adds a depth that transforms the band from a simple punk band into more of an arena rock band, with booming choruses and hard hitting verses to boot.

Lyrical ideas play off each other in style, leaving listeners reeling in angst from vocalist Chris LoPorto’s delivery, which really stands out on this release. LoPorto’s rasp and grit energize his singing style, adding an extra kick to every song in the setlist. Each grainy growl grows in size as heavily distorted guitar and punchy bass empower the band and their yearning for more.

There’s at least one line in this album that will resonate with every listener, regardless of where or when the music crosses their path. Can’t Swim have effectively cemented themselves in their own hype with Fail You Again. The band is currently on tour with the likes of Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong, and it’s only a matter of time until Can’t Swim find a similar level of success. They definitely made a fan out of me with this release.

Make sure to check in with New Jersey’s Can’t Swim via their website and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook etc) and  don’t miss these emerging punks performing their debut album Fail You Again in a city near you.