Canadians Banned From Jeopardy!

Canadian citizens are no longer allowed to participate in the Jeopardy! online quiz show, which is how one procures a spot of the television show… meaning that the only Canadian on the show in upcoming years will be Mr. Trebek. Deadpool is NOT gonna be pleased about this, but Sean Connery will be.

In other news, Jeopardy! is still on the air and Canadians really want to be on it.

The decision was made due to conflicts over differing internet laws.

Jeopardy! spokesperson Alison Shapiro explained: “As international laws governing how information is shared over the internet are ever-changing and complex, we are currently investigating how we can accept registrations from potential Canadian contestants. The Jeopardy! Adult, Teen, and College tests have already taken place this year, and we are making every effort to find a solution before the next round of testing is available.

Naturally, the ban is a bit ironic considering the host of the show is from the North Country.

Trebek himself has gone on record to say that Canadians will probably continue to stay on the show for quite some time, saying that “people are in our contestant pool for 18 months, and we have featured several Canadians as contestants on Jeopardy! this season (at least 7 at last count), including one who will appear this Monday, February 22, and two more who have already taped for appearances in March,” suggesting that the legal issues will be resolved by the time more contestants are chosen.

So, don’t worry you cunning Canadians, you. If you dream of winning money on Jeopardy!, it might still be in the cards for ya.

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