Burger King Opened A Fast-Food Spa In Helsinki

Ah, glorious Finland. The traditional fish-schlapping country where I quite want to be is going to get their very own Burger King-operated spa, because why not?

You’ve got to appreciate them keeping to the color scheme.

The spa, which is based in Helsinki, has two saunas. One can fit 15 people and is said to be quite “ideal for birthday parties and social gatherings,” while the more “private” one hosts merely 10, but also contains a television set.

I don’t know what confounds me more, that there are people who go to saunas for birthday parties these days or a that gathering of ten is considered private. While it may seem unusual for a fast-food restaurant to offer such a service, keep in mind that this is going to match quite well with the Finnish economy… the place boasts around three million saunas.

And they plastered their logo on the towels…now that’s what I call class!

Now, Burger King could have stopped at the themed robes, but no… they went all out for their Finnish customers. In addition to the robes, the spa contains a media room that has a Playstation and a separate laundry room. But wait, there’s more! The waiters are said to deliver food to you while you are waiting. And this being a European establishment, you can also purchase alcohol in lieu of a soft drink.

And finally, people who go on weekends also have access to a local nightclub.

I wonder if they’ll cut out the middle-man and make a Burger King nightclub next.

You’d think that such luxury must come at quite the cost, and you’d certainly be right. If you are still interested, reserving the sauna cost around €250, which can be around $300. Hopefully Burger King has a different business model for the Finnish so that won’t be subjected to the “you can have two sandwiches and fries for four dollars plus tax with a coupon” model that they employ in the States.

The drink is usually five bucks extra…so make sure you stay there for like an hour or six to keep refilling.

Be careful, though, if I recall the last time Burger King tried to prove they were down with the young people… it lead to those internet cafes. Generally, the only website that place let you go on was the one with their job application download and you’re usually forced to cipher the WiFi from the Chicfila next door. What’s more, those goodie-goodies blocked everything… I couldn’t even log in to Viral Pirate… so time will tell what Helsinki has yet to bear.

Maybe they just don’t like eye-patches.


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