British Snail Could Provide Cure For Rare Genetic Heart Condition

Today in snail news, a snail with a rare counterclockwise rotating shell has been discovered and he could save mankind if we get him laid. Oh, and  ’70s pop icon Donny Osmond is also somehow involved.

A snail shall lead them.

A snail shall lead them.

Despite only being a boy on a technicality, the snail, which was found in London, was dubbed Jeremy. According to Dr Angus Davison, associate professor and reader in evolutionary genetics at Nottingham University’s School of Life Sciences, “We are very keen to study the snail’s genetics to find out whether this is a result of a developmental glitch or whether this is a genuine inherited genetic trait.”

The discovery can actually be beneficial to modern medicine, as humans sometimes come out counterclockwise, such as having their heart on their right side of their chest. As mentioned, Donny Osmond is one such person to have this condition, known as dextrocardia, which affects one in 10,000 people. Hopefully, Jeremy’s genetics can be studied well-enough to find a cure and his owner (fortunately) has come up with a plan that does not involve killing him.

Look, as long as we don't show the

Look, as long as we don’t show the “love dart.” it’s safe for work.

Jeremy’s owner, who reportedly discovered him in a trash-heap, is trying to find him a mate. While snails can actually get themselves pregnant, what with them being hermaphrodites and all, most prefer the comfort of another snail. Scientists expect that Jeremy’s babies will have the unusual shell, and if that’s the case then their genes could be studied.

Anyone who has another lopsided snail is wanted to contact Davison to bring this plan into fruition.


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