Brandon Marshall And Jay Cutler Really Don’t Get Along

Remember that time back in April of 2015 when a signed Jay Cutler football went up for auction and NO ONE made a bid? Well, it turns out that one of his former teammates feels the way the people of Chicago do.

Former Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall was on the Rich Eisen Show the other day and the two got themselves in a little quarterback discussion. The chemistry between the two positions is pretty important, so you always want to hear what a QB has to say about his WR and vice versa. Well, Eisen asked Marshall how long it had been since the two spoke and  Marshall gave a very interesting answer:

Wait… what? Two whole years? Let’s run that back a second… He was drafted in 2006 by the Broncos and played three of his four seasons with then QB Jay Cutler before moving to Miami for two seasons. Then he went to Chicago for two seasons before linking up with the Jets. His QB on the Bears was a certain Jay Cutler — meaning he was Jay’s teammate for one of the last two years… meaning he, apparently, spent his last season in Chicago NOT TALKING to Cutler.


Guess it was all smiles and head shakes for that season, then

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