Booze And Strippers, The Weakness Of Nerds Everywhere

Right, so… this headline is gonna take just a wee bit of explaining. But we promise that you’ll be entertained at the very least.

If you’re a video game developer then this is a story worth paying attention to. Even if you’re not, this is something you’ll wanna read. Alright, so there was a game in development called Ant Simulator… and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A few crowdfunding campaigns were the benefactors of a project that would allow players to manage an ant colony from the perspective of an ant. They got as far as a Beta version before the most 80s sounding financial difficulties took hold.

Eric Tereshinski, the original developer, teamed up with Tyler Monce and Devon Staley to form ETeeski. All was going well… until the team spent all their money on fancy restaurants, alcohol and strippers. Subsequently, Eric resigned and posted a video on YouTube explaining what the hell happened. It’s basically the best “what not to do with your crowdfunding money” PSA of all time.


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