Black & White Cut Of Mad Max: Fury Road Might Hit Theaters in 2016

One of the best films of the year was undoubtedly Mad Max: Fury Road, and we may get another helping of it in 2016. Turns out that director George Miller thinks the film is best experienced in black and white, which leads us to our headline.

George Miller and producer Doug Mitchell shed some light on the production of the film in a detailed article on Screen Daily. As aforementioned, Miller felt that the best version of the film was shot in black and white. What’s more, his original intent was to release the film in black and white and this might just be happening in 2016.

In 2016, there might also be a black-and-white version of the film, which Miller confirms was his original intent. A greyscale and silent version was leaked online in September, although it has since been removed. Mitchell says that an official version exists and could yet receive a theatrical release.

It turns out that Mad Max: Black and Chrome, a fan-made greyscale edit of the film was hosted on Vimeo for a wee bit before being taken down. The cut wasnt included on the Blu-ray like Miller intended, but it looks very likely that we’ll have our chance to see it in theaters next year. And that’s something I’d gladly pay to see.



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