Lottery Winners Made To Wait For Their Payout

A lot of people dream of hitting it big in the lottery. With that money, you can make improvements on the house, buy new cars and pretty much do whatever you want. Winning the lottery can change peoples’ lives for better or for worse, but what if you win and don’t get paid? Big-Time winners in Illinois just experienced that crushing blow when they found out that dream isn’t coming true… at least not yet.

In the new fiscal year, there is no state budget agreement. Without said agreement, the state comptroller is not allowed to cut checks greater than $25,000. Smaller payouts can still take place, though. Of course, this has affected people in the state.

Susan Rick planned to improve her home and visit her daughter after her boyfriend won $250,000 last month, but they learned they had to wait for their money. Rick said if she was in a situation where she owed the state money, the state would take her house. Lottery spokesman Steve Rossi said state agencies, including the lottery, are affected by this situation. So not all is lost, but I can’t imagine how antsy Susan must be knowing she has a cool quarter of a million coming her way.


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