Betty Boop Is Making A Comeback, After All

In today’s news, I am apparently a wizard.

I somehow predicted the return of the world’s greatest flapper, Betty Boop. Somehow, I must use this power for great evil. Anyway, is she getting a new animated movie or series? Thankfully, no. But she is getting her own emoji!

Made from pen and ink, she can win you with a wink!

In honor of World Emoji Day on Sunday, Pepsi developed the heart-shaped emoji, which is also expected to be used as an occasional decoration on their cans. So, in a way, Ms. Boop is also getting her own soda. Hopefully, it’s the cherry-flavored kind… keep your mind out of the gutter, I just meant because Betty likes red.

It seems that she’s finally made it in America! Well, again, that is.

Making “friends” with every man (and talking dog) in Hollywood for the past century eventually pays off.

This isn’t the only good news for Betty, either. Patone is said to be developing a new color based around her called “Betty Boop Red” and Zac Posen is developing a new cocktail dress off of her iconic number. Given that a whole new 20s are less than four years away, we could all use Betty teaching people how to dress. Sure, flappers were already outdated when Betty came out in the Depression, but that’s what nostalgia is for.

And while it does not seem like the mother of anime (let’s just say Osamu Tezuka’s fondness for Betty is the reason that anime characters to this day have giant eyes) is getting a comeback on the silver screen anytime soon, have no fear, because we still have the iconic animated theatrical shorts she starred in.

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