Bernhoft Gets All Nu-Disco With “Stop/Shutup”

We at Viral Pirate absolutely love Norwegian sensation Jarle Bernhoft. We’ve seen him live and had him neck and neck with Sweden’s Magnus Tingsek in our list of musicians you need to know.

So we were positively thrilled when we found that he’d released a lyric video for the track “Stop/Shutup,” which is part of the Stop/Shutup/Shout It Out EP that drops on May 6. As per usual, the track is superbly mixed, blends alt-pop with funk and is nearly impossible not to dance to.

This particular tune harkens back to the disco days and employs that neo disco, or nu-disco, feel that reminds you just a bit of Daft Punk and early French house. Make sure to check out Bernhoft’s website to keep up to date with latest releases, tour dates and more… we know we will be!

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