Behold! The Piano Of The Future!

Pianos have been pretty much the same since the late 1800’s, but now thanks to Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi we have a piano that looks like it came straight from outer space. Over the last 10 years Bogányi and a team of engineers, designers and technicians worked on the new shape in order to let “sound to reach the audience with higher efficiency and more clarity.” According to Bogányi’s site, the two-legged piano “creates a supporting effect, thereby conducting the sound, from below the piano, towards the audience.”





The soundboard of this piano is also more resistant to heat, humidity and the cold. As you musicians should know, this means that the piano holds its tune longer and needs less maintenance. Personally, I’m a sucker for piano music, but since I don’t play the increment myself I can’t exactly say if this one sounds different, but man does it sound lovely!

Via io9

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