Become a “Believer” with Michael P Cullen

Sydney, Australia’s Michael P Cullen is one of the most interesting songwriters I’ve come across in recent times. He’s the result of throwing Noir, New Wave, Stax and Northern Soul into a musical blender, adding in a hefty dose of dark-baritone vocals slinging stories that are rough ’round the edges.

His unique combination of ’60s Vegas cabaret and Southern Gothic Americana has resulted in a dark and dreamy rock experience to dive into. Backed up by his incredible band, The Soul Searchers, Michael P Cullen is prepping a brand new EP, Live at Lazybones, and has released the second single from the project.

Check out this live rendition of Michael P Cullen & The Soul Searchers’ single “Believer,” and be sure to keep up with Mr. Cullen as his career swells. If you love the cross section of music, poetry, and storytelling, than Michael P Cullen is the artist for you.