Avicii Just Revolutionized Digital Music Campaigns

The music biz has been around for a long time and it’s no secret that everyone in the industry takes bits and pieces from past and present performers. Marketing campaigns are just as difficult to come up with and artists generally stick to a proven formula to get results. Avicii, however, might’ve just broken the mold with his latest campaign for his album Stories.

This is Avicii Begins and it’s an interactive web comic that utilizes Instagram to tell a story… see what I did there? It’s pretty much like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books, but with much less reading. Right, so each page in the comic has nine panels that you can click on, but only the ones with the buttons are interactive.

1. Tap anywhere on the image 2. Press the pop-up tag to continue

A photo posted by @avicii_begins on

So, you tap the button and then tap the pop-up tag to continue. The subsequent panels give you two options so you can then choose your own destiny. Each path leads to a different song from the album, which gets branded as ‘your song’ since, well, your choices led you to that track. Personally, I dig it. Well done, Avicii, you’ve managed to come up with an interesting and fun way to share your tunes that probably didn’t cost you a dime.

It seems like he’ll be using this method for whatever he’s working on next, as there’s an Avicii Continues account on the way.

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