Arrests Finally Being Made In ‘IRS’ Phone Scam

First, it was that whole deal involving Nigerian princes “giving” you their money.

Now, scammers’ best way of phishing for your hard-earned money comes in the form of telemarketers calling up claiming to work for Internal Revenue Service (or IRS) and demand you pay them money or your ass is going to be Big Bertha’s grass in jail. However, something is finally being done about it.

That said, it’s a little too late considering the fact that 6,400 victims have given those scammers reportedly more than $36.5 million since 2013, which for those of you whose days have been stuck in monotony, was three years ago. Fortunately, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (or TIGTA) finally took pity on your sorry lives and has announced five arrests over the damn thing.

Exploiting the stupid…I can respect that…but calling at supper-time…they got what they deserve.

Although all 50 states are targeted by phishers, the most common victims are the elderly, specifically retirees, and Florida gets hit with the brunt of them. Shocking, right?

Scammers take advantage of the fact that the elderly suffer memory loss… otherwise, they wouldn’t be so keen on moving to Florida since no group in their right mind would be keen on Florida. That said, the younger generation isn’t exactly considered a low priority. The newest trend in the phishing game involves claiming people owe money through iTunes gift cards, a trick which is said to have cost $1.4 million.

And trust me, iTunes will get you in their own special way, remember that U2 album?

Putting a stop to aggressive and ruthless scams such as the IRS impersonation scam is among my highest priorities as Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee,” said U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, Chair of the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

But still don’t go crazy with your iTunes or whatever the young people are into this week…

Just to be clear, the IRS is never going to call your house and you yourself can call them to see if you actually do owe them money (1-800-829-1040), and there’s even a nifty handy-dandy number you can use to report those phishers (1-800-366-4484), as well as online forms.

And make sure to always ask the person on the other line if they are a robot… it is always fun to toy with them. And if the calls are coming from your long-dead husband who says he’ll be right over… then you my friend, are in the Twilight Zone.

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