Apple’s New Patent Hints At Future Moves

Technology giant Apple recently filed a patent application for a fancy wristband to compliment the Apple Watch. Don’t go away just yet, though, because it’s much more than just a wristband.


The document posted to the U.S. Patents & Trademark Office shows that the Milanese Loop would double as a protective case, a stand and a magnetic accessory that can attach to other devices. A system of magnets would allow the loop to snap together in different configurations, making the wristband multi-faceted as seen in some of the images presented to the patent office.

apple-watch-case-patent-100638300-large (1)

As seen in the photos, the wristband could wrap around the watch to protect it as if it were a case, roll up behind it to act as a stand or attach magnetically to other products. However, they’d likely have to include a metal plate to get the Apple Watch to magnetize to your computer since Macs are made from aluminum. What this means going forward is that we’re likely to see some kind of smart wristband be developed.


If a smart Apple Watch wristband does get serious consideration then it could possibly be designed to include sensors that track health data in  more accurate ways. But, just because Apple submitted the patent doesn’t mean they’ll actually work on it.

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