Apple Downsizing With New iPhone SE

Recent reports circulating around the web suggested that Apple were developing a 4-inch “iPhone 6c,” but that rumor has been quashed and we now know the real deal.

Apple are, in fact, working on a 4-inch iPhone, but it’s an upgraded iPhone 5s and not a new version of the iPhone 6. It’s also not a preview of the iPhone 7, which won’t have a headphone jack. The new device is codenamed “N69,” but will likely launch as the iPhone 5se — the “se” standing for special edition. It’s a jump off of the iPhone 5s that was released in 2013, but has upgraded software and hardware that will enable blending of the old design with new technologies from the latest iPhone upgrades.

Sources have told 9to5Mac that the following features will be present in the new phone.

  • The chamfered, shiny edges have been replaced with curved glass like on the iPhone 6 and 6s lines
  • The same 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.2 megapixel front camera systems from the iPhone 6
  • Support for larger panoramas and autofocus for video recording
  • Barometer for tracking elevation in the Health app
  • An NFC chip for Apple Pay
  • The A8 and M8 chips from the iPhone 6
  • Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE, and 802.11ac WiFi chips from the iPhone 6s
  • Live Photos from the iPhone 6s
  • Same Silver, Space Gray, Silver, & Rose Gold color options as the 6s line

The iPhone 5se won’t be pressure-sensitive like the new iPhone 6s, and Apple are mainly putting this product together to discontinue the existing 5s. Expect this little bad boy to hit shelves around early April. Personally, I’m cool with them downsizing a bit. It’s pretty ridiculous to have people running around with mini tablets in their pockets and it’ll be nice to have a phone buck the trend of “bigger is better.” Kinda funny that we went from giant cell phones to tiny ones and now they’re getting bigger again… isn’t it?

Good job lads: you’re giving us everything that was good about the iPhone 5 and including the functionality of the 6.


The device will be known as the iPhone SE, dropping the 5 that was originally reported. Slightly curved edges and completely revamped internal systems will be the main changes that the 4-inch SE sports when compared to the iPhone 5s that it’s based off of. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro will also be unveiled with the new iPhone.

Case makers claim to already know the design of the SE as well as the iPhone 7 and assert that the SE will retain the headphone jack that’s going the way of the dinosaur for future models.


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