Apparently, McDonald’s Classifies This Act As Robbery

Actually eating at a McDonald’s is a criminal act of self harm, but wait till you find out what got some poor kid in Arkansas arrested.

How many of you have differed buying a drink in favor of getting a cup for water? Pretty of you, I’m sure. It’s a pretty safe bet that a lot of you have also used that water cup for soda or something that’s not water. It’s usually a small cup so it’s not a big deal, unless you’re in Arkansas, apparently.

An 18-year-old customer did just that at a location Springdale. Cody Morris and his two mates each got a cup of water from the drive-thru window, then proceeded to park, walk into the restaurant, empty their water cups and fill it with soda.

According to KHBS/KHOG-TV, managers caught them in the act and told them to return to soda… seriously. The two friends acquiesced, but Cody was having none of it and refused. This led to the manager running outside to try and block in Morris’ car, but the rebel without a cause tapped on the gas and hit the manager twice before speeding away.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

You’d think that hitting the manager with his car would be pretty arrest-worthy, but he was only charged with FELONY ROBBERY when taken in at a nearby blowing alley. It’s unclear whether he’ll face further charges. Sheesh, man.. felony robbery for putting soda in the water cup.


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