Anyone But Arsenal: John Henry Spites Gunners With Firmino Contract

Futbol fans, Liverpool and Arsenal ones especially, might remember a little bit of tension between Fenway Sports Group owner John Henry and the Gunners. Remember when Arsenal really wanted Luis Suárez so that bid one pound more than his release clause just to talk to him?

John Henry remembers, apparently.

According to new material from Football Leaks, the Brazilian forward has a release clause of £82 million that can be triggered by any club… except Arsenal. Should this be true, one would have to wonder what the release clauses for Coutinho and Sadio Mané look like. The good news is that Wenger would never even think about spending money like that on one player, unless it was to bring Lord Bendtner back to the Emirates.

Elsewhere, Belgian paper Le Soir claim to have gotten their hands on a plethora of player contracts, mainly Belgian ones. However, some of their info regards big name players like Hugo Lloris, who supposedly gets an €8,000 win bonus – but also a €4,000 lose bonus. Meanwhile, Atlético Madrid collect a cool €250,000 every time Aguero pots 15 goals for City.

Now that Football Leaks are back online following seven months of research conducted in coordination with Der Spiegel (Germany) and the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC), together with The Sunday Times (UK) and Expresso (Portugal), it’ll be interesting to see whose contracts get leaked. While players might not be comfortable with it, the leaks are certainly a good way for aspiring agents to learn about structuring contracts. Plus, it’s hilarious finding out about someone the ridiculous clauses put in place for certain players.


Here’s looking at you, Balo

[Featured Image: This is Anfield]

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