An Invader Zim Movie Could Be In the Works

If you can remember a time when Hot Topic was for kids who dressed in black and not hipsters, you may remember that Nickelodeon once had a show called “Invader Zim” about a little green alien who wanted to enslave us all.

While it barely lasted two seasons, possibly due to its rather dark content matter, the show garnered a cult-following over the years, complete with fan-conventions. Now, Nickelodeon might be bringing it back as a television movie. If that’s the case, prepare for a lot of the “Doom Song.”

Look, I don't shop there...I just need a place to walk around after they closed down the bookstore.

Look, I don’t shop there… I just need a place to walk around after they closed down the bookstore.

News of a possible reboot came to light when the Tumblr account of C.H. Greenblatt, who you may recognize as the creator of Chowder and Harvey Beaks, made a post saying “Jhonen IS making an Invader Zim movie for Nick. I’m not a part of it, but I’m excited.”

There is some possibility that this could happen, since Nickelodeon has become obsessed with cashing in on nostalgia for their older cartoons, but one very reliable source says otherwise: Jhonen Vasquez. The Invader Aim creator denied his involvement with such a project on Twitter and said that rumors of a reboot pop-up every six weeks thanks, in part, to deluded fans.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Nickelodeon is going behind Vasquez’s back to produce a reboot, similar to what happened to the PowerPuff Girls, but this is unconfirmed. For all we know, Greenblatt could just be reminding us of what fans could have, but never will due to the machinations of Nickelodeon, as revenge for screwing over his show.

That’s probably not the case, but I would totally respect that if it was.

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