Amy Lee Of Evanescence Fame To Release A Children’s Album

Remember Evanescence? You could never tell if they were a Christian rock group or a gothic metal band. “Bring Me To Life” could either be about accepting our mortality or some warped retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

Their song My Immortal also became the namesake for a very disturbed Harry Potter meme. Well, their front-woman is making a comeback and she’s releasing a new album, but for children!

For Children!

Yeah, I could see why she’d want to transition out of the dark side.

The album titled “Dream Too Much” will have 12 songs, which will even include a cover of the Beatles “Hello Goodbye.” The songs will also feature guest vocals from some of Lee’s loved ones, including her two year-old son, Jack.

I'm a bit interested what story-time is like at their house.

“Call Me When You’re Sober” and “Snow White Queen” just couldn’t push it as lullabies.

This album is very personal to me. My husband and I had our first baby in 2014, and he has been the center of the inspiration for this children’s album,” said Lee, in a released statement.

Every song on this album has a story—whether it’s an original for our son based on his favorite things, or a song my dad used to sing to me when I was a little girl. I can’t begin to tell you how fulfilling this project has been and how proud I am to unveil it to listeners on Prime Music.”

You can listen to a sample below.

While this would be her first commercial foray into children’s media, some of our younger readers might remember she once made a guest appearance on Cartoon Network where she sang about the cartoons they were airing. Admittedly, she got that gig out of a bit of nepotism (her brother Robby was one of those kids the network used to hire to be in one of their eye-catches.)

And here’s a fun fact: they were originally promoted as a Christian rock group, but the band took issue with this.

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