American Apparel Have Started Crowdsourcing Clothes

Ah, American Apparel. What would the hipsters wear without you? Yes, the need for overpriced white T-shirts “designed” by  sexual predator and former CEO Dov Charney is a strong one for some, but his alleged transgressions hurt their business — big time.

So, they’ve been trying desperately to get people to shop there once again and have decided to do so by crowdsourcing clothes. Small vendors and businesses may now pitch their products to American Apparel via 90-second videos with the hopes of being selected and then sold by the company. The “Made In” project  was described as such:

“Cutting and sewing 100% of our garments in America is at the core of our DNA,” American Apparel Senior Vice President of Marketing Cynthia Erland said in a statement. “We want to continue to support manufacturing in the US by giving small businesses the opportunity to thrive and succeed.”

However, there is a little catch to the project. Submitted products must be made in the United States, must sell for less than $100 and vendors must be able to sell 500 units to American Apparel’s distribution center within a 30-day-period. If you’re interested in submitting something, you have until June 17 to do so.

Designed, cut & sewn in Downtown LA. #AmericanApparel #MadeInUSA

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That said, the company claims that this isn’t a contest. Sounds like a contest to me, but whatever.

American Apparel filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October of 2015 and the company is working on reorganizing and restructuring in addition to erasing the legacy left behind by the aforementioned Charney. Whether or not this brings customers back to the brand remains to be seen, but it’s a neat idea, especially for smaller manufacturers.

By the way, finding a featured image for this post that wasn’t a most naked woman or a woman in a provocative sexual pose was too difficult, so we opted for a picture of their store.

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