Amazon Kicks Off Early Black Friday Sale

Those of you looking to get your Black Friday shopping done early, like real early, are in for a nice surprise. Amazon have revealed that they’re kicking off an eight-day Black Friday sale starting on November 20. And, according to Amazon, they’ll be offering 10 higher-quality deals starting at midnight on Thanksgiving with another 10 come the next day.

The online retailer will be pushing mobile and same-day delivery for a lineup of sales that can be found only on the mobile app, which is slightly inconvenient for those of us who don’t have the app. Many of you might remember that Amazon Prime Day was really disappointing, so Amazon have revealed a larger lineup of sale items including deals on their own products. Naturally, there are a great deal of discounted electronics items in addition to items for the home and whatnot. As of right now it doesn’t exactly seem like any of these deals are all that tantalizing, but some of the TV sales are pretty solid. You’ll also notice that Echo is not included in the early line-up, but Amazon have yet to roll out the full list.

Amazon have also included a new feature for consumers who want to track their deals. The “Watch a Deal” feature will be available on the Amazon app and will send push notifications when a new deal is available. The push for the mobile app is understandable, as data trends show a shift towards mobile consumption and their own research reveals that shopping from their mobile app doubled holiday sales in the United States. They’ve also found that Black Friday had the most rapid growth in mobile shopping, which was a record broken by their disappointing Prime Day.

Certain “Deals of the Day” will be eligible for free, two-hour delivery in upwards of 20 metro areas across the United States. Guess it’s not such a bad idea to download the Amazon Prime Now app to get in on some of those deals. That is, if you fancy any of ’em.

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