Alum Pays Parking Fines 41 Years After Graduation

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Better late than never.” If you have to do something later than you promised, it’s better to still do it than completely forget about it. An alum of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently put that phrase to good use when he paid his parking fines after graduating over 40 years ago.


And I would’ve gotten away with it too

Kent Broyhill attempted to pay his fines before his 1974 graduation, but an officer said the school only accepted cash. Broyhill didn’t have the money, so the officer gave him a pass, as long as he paid his fines as soon as possible. A conversation with a college friend reminded him about the tickets and his promise to pay his fines. Broyhill said he couldn’t remember how many tickets he had or how much he owed the school, but paying them back was the right thing to do.

He sent the $100 and a note to the college’s Parking and Transit Services. Director Dan Carpenter said the college doesn’t keep paper tickets from that long ago, and Broyhill’s tickets may have been considered “uncollectable.” The college sent the money back to Broyhill and thanked him for his gesture. Broyhill said trying to pay the fines put his mind at ease.


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