Bill Nye And Buzz Aldrin Do A Little Turn On The Catwalk

Bill Nye’s biggest claim to fame was his television show for PBS, but recently he and Buzz Aldrin joined forces to venture into another cultural venue: modeling. And we’re not talking about producing scientific models, mind you.

With them aged 61 and 89 respectively, it means there is hope for us all out there.

Both strutted their stuff at Nick Graham’s Fall 2017 show, the“Life on Mars: Fall-Winter 2035.” for New York Fashion Week, which should do stuff like this more often if they don’t…just saying. Anyway, if you’re wondering about the year in the title and think it’s some sort of typo, think again; that future date is the year that Aldrin hopes humans first walk on Mars.

In fact, Aldrin even wore a T-shirt that read, “Get your ass to Mars,” which is either a shout out to Total Recall or just something Buzz says on the daily. Meanwhile, Nye wore a suit and bow tie because he’s Bill Nye and we must never question his bow ties. Hell, as a form of promotion, Graham is also selling Bill Nye bow ties, complete with science-themed patterns such as beakers and tubes… and space.

That said, a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not have a look at Nye and Aldrin in their full regalia. Handsome devils, that lot.

The best part about this is that, according to Mogul, Aldrin said, “I’ve walked on the moon, so how hard can it be to walk in a fashion show?” Legend.


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