Album Review: Youth Is Only Fun In Retrospect – Sundara Karma

Who’s ready to dance their way through 2017? Rhetorical question. If the current global climate has you more tense than usual, then Sundara Karma’s debut LP, Youth Is Only Fun In Retrospect, is here to brighten your day.

Reading’s four piece indie-rock outfit doesn’t disappoint with their first full length offering. The band seamlessly combines frameworks from the folk, rock and pop genres, energizing them with familiar 80’s pop feel.

SK rips tried and true melodies empowered by bold harmonies over angsty indie-rock, and their recipe for success is working. We’re only six days into the new year and Youth Is Only Fun In Retrospect has already cemented Sundara Karma as one of the UK’s most exciting acts of 2017.

Overall, the album has an uplifting feel to it. For better or for worse, each song seems like it’s really reaching for the mantle of “anthem.” The record should successfully achieve the nostalgic reaction that the act may have been trying to evoke, though individual songs seem to be lost in the group think/feel of the collection of songs as a whole.

Personally, the opening two tracks “A Young Understanding” and “Loveblood” are my favorite (check out the awesome 360-degree video SK dropped for “Loveblood” a few days ago.) The openers act as a one two punch, enticing and locking the listener in, fully immersing them in the atmosphere Sundara Karma created.

Youth Is Only Fun In Retrospect has “soundtrack” stamped all over it. I’ll be very surprised if I don’t hear one of these tunes synched a Summer rom-com or two. Most of these jams would make for montage magic, as they’re uplifting until the very end.

Make sure to follow Sundara Karma via their website and social channels, as well as to check out their debut album Youth Is Only Fun In Retrospect. And for all those pirates currently residing in the UK, be sure to grab your tickets to Sundara Karma open for Two Door Cinema Club on their Jan-Feb tour!