Album Review: CityCop

Akron, Ohio’s emo-rockers CityCop’s latest release — The Same Stories that Never Get Old — is a soundtrack for the crushing realities of a young person’s trip through their twenties. The band has gone above and beyond in developing a harrowing album; one that will leave listeners reeling in the harsh reality of life and all the disappointments that it tends to bring.

Simply put, it’s wonderful.

As a fan of CityCop I have always appreciated their natural ability to develop grandiose tones of darkness and sorrow. Each subsequent release sheds a little more light onto the struggles of growing up in a struggling state, with previous releases channeling a great deal of anger, strength, and youthful vigor. With this newest release we are witnessing the band grow in real time, as they recognize and accept the complexities of life for all that they are.

The band have become much stronger storytellers over the years. Each song on The Same Stories builds upon the intense narrative of the album. This record is a heavy listen, and I don’t mean heavy in the sense that there are intense breakdowns and parts to windmill to. The Same Stories is heavy in the sense that this album takes a toll on the listener. Listeners hear the strain of each guitar strum, drum hit, and vocal growl, pumped with the maximum emotion the band members could relay.

“Soft Smile, Iron Teeth” is a shining example of these translated struggles, and of the strain that each of these musicians put forth to craft the desolate sound and atmosphere of this particular collection of stories.

All seriousness aside, the fun aspects of the CityCop experience that have captivated listeners nationally can still be found in this release. “Bad Trip” catches the midwestern emo-esque sound of the band’s release Seasons. Guitars shred throughout this release, showing a captivating range of skills across technically impressive licks expressed in appropriately crisp tones. The guitarist of CityCop creates a flow throughout the album, with each track trickling into the next like a dying stream struggling to continue trickling through a drought-stricken forest.

All in all, I expected a solid release, but was truly blown away by the gravity of The Same Stories that Never Get Old. They took everything that listeners have known about CityCop and cranked it up to 11.

Their well-written lyrics continue to be another boast worthy aspect of their songs. One line that I felt summed up the general theme of the album comes to fruition in the middle of the release in the song “Day of Rest.” Vocalist Eddie Gancos croons “You’re just another leaf fallen off the tree,” showing listeners that the struggles described in this album are nothing new. These are things that we all face and at one point or another we have to deal with. Eddie’s vocal performances have grown since CityCop’s first release, as he’s seen going up and down the entire register, making use of shrill screams and emotional wailing. Gancos has grown with the band and his vocal fortitude and experimentation is the number one indicator of this.

It is inherently obvious that The Same Stories that Never Get Old is a release that you should check out. It’s not often anymore to find a release so fluid and so cohesive. Each track on this release builds into the other crafting a story. CityCop have proven that they are master storytellers, actively crafting their own modern day fables, tales that won’t ever expire.

Stream CityCop’s newest record below, and plug into their website and social media channels to keep up with their latest adventures!