Villains We Want To See In Affleck’s Standalone Batman

We know Ben Affleck is signed on for a few appearances as the Bat, and we have a lot of hope that it’ll be way better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

That said, sources at Birth.Movies.Death are reporting that “many, if not most, members of Batman’s rogues gallery will be making appearances in the film.” So, not one villain, not two villains, but most of his villains could be in the movie. This is because DC are looking to make the “definitive” Batman film and want to tell the “ultimate Batman story.”

There are a few things wrong with that. The first being that no Batman story is rushed and cobbled together, though the motivation for Hush was definitely questionable. You don’t make a “definitive” comic book movie by tossing in the majority of the hero’s villains. Secondly, more villains doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be a better film and we’ve seen this happen in previous comic book movies. But, they could take this in an Arkham direction and that could actually work.

We don’t know which villains we’ll see in the movie, so we made a little list of our own.

Red Hood


No, I’m not talking about the Joker or the Red Hood gang, I’m talking about Jason Todd’s Red Hood. For those of you who don’t know, or didn’t notice, Ben Affleck’s Robin is dead. In A Death in The Family, Jason Todd goes overseas to find his real mother and it seems to be going pretty well until his mother sells him out to the Joker. I think you know the rest. Todd dies, but is brought back to life when Talia al Ghul dumped his body in the Lazarus pit. He comes back to life as an emotional psychopath and, well… no more spoilers. One report claims that he won’t be involved in the movie, but we’ll just have to wait and see. We do know that Batfleck will be in Suicide Squad, so maybe we’ll learn about his Robin’s death in that movie.

Court of Owls


One of my favorite Batman arcs is undoubtedly Scott Snyder’s Court of Owls. What more could you ask for than an ancient order of assassins who dress as owls, the predator of bats? Unfortunately, this is a story that requires an entire movie by itself and this is unlikely to be cobbled into whatever script they’ve already written. The court is a secret society that runs Gotham from the shadows and sends their deadly, yet undead, assassins (Talons) after anyone who opposes them. To add the cherry on top, the arc reveals that Bruce had a long-lost younger brother, who’s now the Court’s deadliest Talon… and Dick Grayson was meant to be a Talon.

Dr. Hugo Strange


He’s one of Batman’s first enemies, before even the Joker, but after Dr. Death, and one of the first to deduce that Batman is Bruce Wayne. His main MO revolves around turning patients into monsters and using them for high-profile crimes. His story gets a little deeper depending on what series you’re reading, but he’d be good to have around considering there will be so many villains in the movie. The insane psychologist is a member of Batman’s classic Rogues Gallery, so he might just be in it.



And I mean a Bane done correctly. I like Tom Hardy, but his performance as Bane was just a major facepalm… as was his completely made up backstory. The real Bane was forced to grow up in the Peña Duro prison to serve out his father’s life sentence. It was there that he built up his body and his mind to the point where he was used as a test subject for Venom. Not Spider-Man’s Venom, the serum called Venom that makes him even more gigantic, but requires that he pump Venom directly into his brain every 12 hours. He’s not some common criminal who looked after Talia al Ghul in the Pit, he’s his own entity who was the lord of Gotham’s underworld and deserves much better than his Chris Nolan incarnation.

Victor Zsasz


Since Ben Affleck’s Batman is gritty as hell, it makes sense to bring in one of his most psychotic villains. Zsasz is another tragic victim of Gotham City. He was heir to a large fortune and when his parents died he spiraled into a deep depression. He gambled away all he had and lost his remaining funds to the Penguin. So, he attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the Gotham Bridge, but a man tries robbing him at knifepoint before he can jump. Naturally, Zsasz grabs the knife and decides that life is meaningless so he kills the man and sets forth to “liberate” people of their worthless existences. He’s a ruthless killer who carves tally marks into his body every time he kills and would be a solid fit in Batfleck’s universe.

There are plenty more I’d like to see developed properly, but you know the old saying — too many cooks spoil the broth. That said, the Rogues Gallery is extensive and we’ll likely see big names like Poison Ivy, Penguin, Clayface, Two-Face and others.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. So, who do you want to see in the movie? Lets us know on Twitter @TheViralPirate.

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