Dad Dresses Up As Darth Vader To Wake Up His Two-Year-Old Son

The Force has certainly awakened in the son of south Florida’s Rob Lopez, and it’s something you really need to see.

Being woken up unexpectedly, regardless of how old you are, isn’t something that most people are too keen on. But the Force was strong with young Sebastian, and the two-year-old responded to being woken up by his father, clad in Darth Vader gear, like a true Jedi.

Rob suits up, gets permission from his wife, grabs his lightsaber and around the 1:05 mark he begins. The first thing you might notice is that young Sebastian sleeps with a lightsaber of his own by his side, making him one of the coolest kids in the galaxy. The lad then proceeds to pick up his weapon and coolly switches it on after being woken up by the terrifying, 6-foot-tall Vader. Most full-grown adults woken up by Vader would be put off in some way, but Sebastian is cool as the other side of the pillow.

He then goes on to defeat his foe as only an experienced Jedi could, by using compassion and understanding. Sure, he’s got the lighsaber skills to do the job, but he knows that the hate of the dark side of the Force can only be counteracted by the good in the light side.

Bravo to the Lopez family, it’s good to know that the force is strong with them.

Still cant get over how cute this is

Still cant get over how cute this is


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