Abdelhamid Abaaoud Indentifed As Mastermind Behind Paris Attacks

A Belgian jihadist has been identified by French officials as being the ringleader of the Parisian attacks that left 140 dead: Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

It’s likely that you’ve never heard his name before, but French officials certainly have. He has been connected to numerous acts of terror in the past including attacks on a high-speed Parisian train, an attack on a French church, and involvement with a plot to attack French police. The chilling part about this is that French authorities captured him earlier this year, but subsequently released him.

According to a press release statement:

Belgian authorities suspect him of also helping organize and finance a terror cell in the eastern city of Verviers that was broken up in an armed police raid on Jan. 15, in which two of his presumed accomplices were killed.

The following month, Abaaoud was quoted by the Islamic State group’s English-language magazine, Dabiq, as saying that he had secretly returned to Belgium to lead the terror cell and then escaped to Syria in the aftermath of the raid despite having his picture broadcast across the news.

“I was even stopped by an officer who contemplated me so as to compare me to the picture, but he let me go, as he did not see the resemblance!” Abaaoud boasted.

Abaaoud, while now a man in his late 20s, is the child of Moroccan immigrants to Brussels and was a student at the prestigious Saint-Pierre d’Uccle high school.”All my life, I have seen the blood of Muslims flow,” Abaaoud is said to have previously said in a video made public in 2014. “I pray that Allah will break the backs of those who oppose him, his soldiers and his admirers, and that he will exterminate them.” A video of him speaking can be seen below:

Another suspected bomber, Omar Ismail Mostefai, has been identified by Turkish authorities, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over 100 people are said to be under house arrest (at more than 150 various locations, mind you) for possible involvement with the attacks. Look closely at that face and if you know anything, absolutely ANYTHING, about this man, his whereabouts or who he associates with please PLEASE give that information to the authorities. Once again, do not associate this brand of radical Islam, which is actually Wahhabism, with Muslim people around the world. Do not give into the idea that these cowards represent the more than 1 billion peaceful Islamic citizens living on this planet.

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