Aaron Hernandez Stirs Up More Trouble

From bad to worse

The former New England Patriots tight end just can’t seem to stay out of trouble even though he’s been in jail for months. His trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd is pending, he’s a suspect for a drive-by shooting that occurred in 2012, he’s being sued for wrongful death in that drive-by and he’s being held without bail so it seems like it couldn’t get much worse for him, right? Well apparently that’s not the case. Hernandez and another inmate had been taunting each other for days, which led to an altercation that subsequently landed Hernandez 30 days in isolation.

The heavily inked Aaron Hernandez

Source: BostonHerald

Hernandez reportedly exited his cell-without handcuffs-and confronted the other inmate, who was handcuffed. Neither man was seriously injured, but this little stunt will cost Hernandez even more freedom, as he’ll be spending 23 hours a day in a more restricted area of the facility and when he exits his cell he’ll be required to wear handcuffs and leg shackles. New charges could stem from this incident and if they do they’ll be for assault, which carries a maximum sentence of 2 and a half years in a House of Correction.

Keep it up, man!

Story Source: Profootballtalk.nbcsports

Story Source: Businessinsider

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