A New Batman Beyond?

When the Batman Beyond TV show came out I was really excited to see where DC and Cartoon Network would take the series. When the show got canned it was quite upsetting, but luckily we have our favorite futuristic bat in comic form. Now the man behind the cowl, Terry McGinnis, may be replaced by a familiar face. If you’re an avid reader of The New 52: Future’s End then you might know about this development, otherwise this is a major spoiler.


Terry was supposedly killed off in the latest issue, but we know how the comic universe(s) go and that really might not mean anything. I mean, how many times has Superman or Captain America come back from the grave? But for all intents and purposes it seems like McGinnis is actually dead…for now. His replacement is Tim Drake, yep, Robin is now Batman…at least a form of Batman. This is nothing new. We’ve seen just about every Robin become batman at some point, but killing off McGinnis doesn’t sit well with me.


Batman Beyond has been around for a solid 15 years now and until this moment it’s been McGinnis in that sleek souped-up costume. One can only hope that Terry is brought back, and in all likelihood he will be, cause…c’mon… that’s just how comics work! But until then we’ll just have to deal with the whiny Tim Drake as Batman Beyond. If anyone why not Jason Todd or Dick Grayson? Anyhow, there’s still no word on whether or not the animated show will be brought back.

Via io9

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