These Are Prince’s Top 10 Most-Played Songs

The world recently lost beloved musician Prince Nelson Rogers, who passed at the age of 57. So, let’s celebrate his life by delving into some of his most-played tunes according to online streaming service It’ll be interesting to see how his tracks surge back to the top of the charts in the coming weeks and that’s something we’ll surely keep an eye one.

The graph above keeps updating, so we’ll just give you a few of our favorites that are easily some of his most famous hits.

“When Doves Cry”

“Purple Rain”


Now, you may have noticed that most of these songs are not the official music video releases. And there is a reason for that. As WIRED explains, “Prince was notorious for staunchly defending access to his material. Unauthorized recordings are scrubbed from the Internet quickly and his music is almost impossible to find online outside of the catalog of his music currently streaming on Tidal. When a rare 1983 pre-Purple Rain performance at First Avenue in Minneapolis surfaced, it got taken down from most sources in a matter of hours. The same is true for most of Prince’s iconic music video library.”

Artistic control was more than important to the singer, who once famously protested over ownership rights by writing “slave” on his face as seen above. Even videos that had the artist’s permission can be an issue. For example, a video of his Superbowl Halftime Show was eventually taken down by the NFL. We’d show you… but we can’t… it was taken down.

That said, videos that have been uploaded with permission are not impossible to find, like the video below that comes from a 2008 Coachella performance.

You can also watch that time he guest-starred on Muppets Tonight… unless it gets taken down. It was back when his name was an unpronounceable symbol, which he did to get out of his contract with Warner Bros.

Goodbye, our sweet Prince, you will certainly be missed.


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