Fan Makes Brilliant Live-Action Futurama Film

A lot of people still love Futurama, and some still hope for the eventual third coming of it, but one fan decided to take it a step further. And unlike the live-action fan films of SpongeBob SquarePantsThe Simpsons, Family Guy, or even The Wizard of Oz, it is surprisingly not porn!

The film titled “Fan-O-Rama” was directed by Dan Lanigan, and was created and developed by Cinema Relics. When asked why they chose to make a live-action adaptation of Futurama…why they hell wouldn’t they… they gave the following response:

No other show/movie/breakfast cereal offered the complex combination of characters, story, setting, and creative breadth that would allow us to explore the uniqueness of the human condition and societal mores and social structures pertinent to our modern sensibilities while also featuring a creepy lobster-squid monster.

At this point, I’m just happy it’s not porn!

Reportedly, in case you were wondering, the actor playing Fry had to dye his hair orange for the part, but the girl playing Leela really is a purple-haired cyclops. Whether she is an alien or the long-lost daughter of sewer mutants or some magical other third option remains to be seen. Hopefully, it’s the second option because I am really hoping for accuracy. Bender is rendered by a puppet, who will also gladly come to children’s birthday parties, provided their “parents love them enough.”

If making me sleep in the kitchen with the rats was not proof enough, I now know my parents always hated me.

Hopefully, the release date won’t take until the 3000’s…then again, I have nothing keeping me from freezing myself, either…


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