5 Acts You Can’t Miss: Sound On Sound Fest

Have you ever attended a Renaissance Fair and thought to yourself, “You know what would take this ren-fair to the next level? A music festival.”

Thank heavens the Sound On Sound Fest team did just that. This weekend, SOS Fest is hitting central Texas with a bang and is set to pillage the Sherwood Forest Faire with a barrage of multi-genre mayhem. The SOS Fest team is well versed in the arts of epic event management, having over 20 years of experience in the booking, festival, and production games. They’ve put fans first throughout the entire process, top to bottom, and are shaping up for a weekend of fun that will [hopefully] cement the fest into Austin’s vibrant arts and events scene.

Sound On Sound Fest focused on optimizing their lineup by mixing power players and exciting newcomers in the indie, punk, hip hop, metal, and dance music genres. They’ve also added comedy and live panel discussions for an extra special experience.

As I’ll be on the grounds living it up and mingling with all of the magical talent available over the course of the weekend, it’s only natural to drop a quick run through of five acts I’m dying to see perform. If you’re headed to Sound On Sound Fest in McDade, Texas this weekend, you won’t want to miss these acts shine:


As hip hop super fan, I couldn’t resist taking a peek at an act with a name like BoomBaptist. This Austin producer and beat-maker crafts some really interesting  electronica and 8-Bit infused instrumentals. He’s earning himself a name with his production, seeing great traction on his SoundCloud page and tracks. Up and coming MC’s should be hitting this guy for beats pronto.

Here’s a sneak peak at BoomBaptist’s excitement in his own words: “Last year, I went to Sherwood Forest Fair and everyone called me a “muggle” for not being in the renaissance garb. I look forward to wearing full armor, eating a turkey leg, and calling people muggles from the stage.”

The Dillinger Escape Plan

TDEP have been highly regarded in the hardcore music community for almost two decades now. As the band has recently announced a hiatus, it would be a shame to miss one of your last chances to catch this veteran and progressive group of musicians rile up and wow a crowd. Check out their latest release, “Dissociation,” you’ll get what I mean.

Aesop Rock

A legendary name in the underground hip hop world, Aesop Rock is bringing some serious flow to the SOS Fest roster. “The Impossible Kid,” the LP he released earlier this year, is lyrically one of the top hip hop albums to hit the market in 2016. Check out the record and get ready to wonder “How the hell can he rap like that?”

American Sharks

Imagine if you channeled all of the incredible fuzz found on the Scott Pilgrim vs The World soundtrack and pumped it full of classic rock attitude. A modern twist on high energy classic rock, mixing punk and fuzz like lightening in a bottle. Add these American Sharks to your gym playlist and get pumped.

Run The Jewels

Killer Mike has been in the media’s spotlight as an advocate for change and social justice in the intensity of this election season’s controversial happenings. I can only hope that Mike channels these feelings and aggressions into an unforgettable live performance. If you haven’t heard the duo’s latest single, “Talk To Me,” released through Adult Swim Singles, than what are you doing with your life? GO!

Make sure to check out the rest of the incredible SOS Fest Lineup below. We’ll see you pirates there!