The 50 Best Cat GIFs On The Internet

What is it about cats that make them the official mascot of the internet? Reddit loves them and people everywhere love watching cat videos! Personally, I’d rather have a dog than a cat, but I won’t lie- this gallery of cat GIFs has me on the floor rolling in amusement. I could watch these things over and over for days.

NOTE: If you have any cat GIFs you think are better or deserve to be added to this list, then COMMENT in the section below and we’ll add it to the list!

1. And… He’s Gone!

2. Feeling Tipsy?

3. Gimme, Gimme!

4. I HATE Surprise Birthday Parties.

5. Round and Round and Round and BOOM!

6. He said WHAT?!

7. Up High.

8. Got Ya B-tch!

9. Yes! No…

10. Sup, bro?

11. Got Ya! Oh No, Where’d Ya Go?

12. Let’s Boogie, Baby!

13. Yeah, Bro.

14. This Looks Like A Good Sp………

15. That’s It. I’ve Had Enough.

16. Which Hand Do You Think It’s In?

17. Woah, Woah! I’m Using the Bathroom, C’mon!

18. Zoooooooooooooom!

19. I’m Too Fat For This…

20. Pussy2.

21. Too Many Dogs. Too Many.

22. “I Hate My Owner.

23. Ohhhhh… That’s My SPOT!

24. Play Dead…! No, NO- Don’t Really Die!

25. Bumping & Grinding Gone Wrong

26. Bro, Get Outta My Face!

27. Oh, Yeah… I Can Do This All Day!

28. Can You Put The Cat Off Please?

29. This God Damn Mouse!

30. I’ve Never Seen Such Big People Scared Of Such A Small Cat.

31. This Cat Is Better Than Me At JENGA!

32. NOPE!

33. Zoinks!

34. That Bloody Red DOT!

35. And The Beat Drops.

36. Smooth Transition, Bro.

37. Sup?

38. You Piece of Sh-T DOG!

39. Who Turned Off The Lights?

40. Let’s Hug It Out, Lloyd!

41. I Got Ya…Wait? Wait! I Can’t Get Out! HELP!

42. BOO!

43. Derp.

44. A PureBread Cat.

45. Salem Plays The Blues

46. The Abyss.

47. Sniff, Sniff……OH MY GOD, THAT’S TERRIBLE!

48. I’m Too Lazy To Care.

49. What?! A Cat Can’t Like a Vase?

50. You F—ING Bastard!

GIF Sources: IMGUR
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