17-Year-Old Sydney Leigh “Reinvented” On New EP

From the opening staccato melody that floats along a pop conveyor belt of tasty pitched percussions and vocal samples melting into screaming horns, you know you’re in good hands with Sydney Leigh’s new “Reinvented” EP.

This polished piece of newbie-pop is helped along by Sydney’s years in the vocal booth and her willingness to collaborate with experienced producers like the Los Angeles based Chris Ganoudis (of Like The Movies,) with whom Sydney co-wrote each song on the EP.

While easily digestible pop and all of its associated bits of ear candy can be great, artists who are too generic and lack a twist can become boring quite easily. This is where Sydney’s love of Latin music comes to save the day and keeps the EP fresh. Inspired by none other than the legendary Shakira, “Bailando Loco” channels Sydney’s fiery latin-electro energy into a decidedly contemporary tune, one which fittingly translates to “crazy dancing.”

With her first EP, “Crazy Beautiful,” released at the young age of 15, Miss Leigh has grown leaps and bounds. She’s matured both her image and her sound, ultimately creating a brand that peers many years her senior would be proud to have put together.

While spanning a mere four tracks, “Reinvented” displays a range of musical styles, including contemporary club-worthy tracks along with slowed down, crooning ballads like “Walls,” emotional pieces that take time to flesh out and develop.

With such a quality output already filling her discography, we’re excited to see what Sydney Leigh will do next in her budding career as a songstress. It wouldn’t be surprising for her to hit the radio waves with these new jams. Stream her brand new EP, “Reinvented,” exclusively on Spotify below, and be sure to follower her via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with her musical adventure!

Eric Cullen is a multimedia artist and musician, known as Cully on the stage and in the hearts of many. When you're done reading his wonderful musings on music, art, and culture you can check out his music on Soundcloud under the moniker Coolest Cully.