10 Must-See Acts at The Great Escape 2017

Festival season is upon us, folks!

The Pirate pride is primed to attend Brighton’s Great Escape Music Festival in just a few weeks time, and our team couldn’t be more excited to catch some of the hottest international acts in rare form. To help cut through the massive line-up, we’ve selected 10 acts you simply cannot miss at TGE 2017.

Dan Croll – UK

Don’t miss this up and coming indie pop hero. His music is infused with electro pop pleasure and catchy synthy melodies. Winning a songwriting contest back in the day secured him a meet-up with Paul McCartney, and the legendary musician critiqued his work. Croll is McCartney-certified, which says a lot about his music.

FIL BO RIVA – Germany

Imagine a raspy Hozier with just as much soul. One of my favorite recently discovered artists, FIL BO RIVA really makes you feel his music. Every ounce of his passion and soul bleeds through his voice. FIL BO RIVA is almost addictive in his own right


Stylistically unique and creative on all fronts, HOMESHAKE really knows how be brand new. Their low ends are fat with shiny melodies and lines above it, and they have such a lovely balance. Hip hop drums fused with indie pop glam make this band a can’t-miss for sure.

Jerkcurb – UK

Guitar driven and moody, Jerkcurb will get you thinking about the moon and perhaps a previous lover. Chord changes reminiscent of King Krule could get anyone emotional. Don’t sleep on this up and comer that produces vintage-feeling James Bond-esque jazz-lounge tunes.


RAT BOY straight up sounds like the UK if it had a sound. His thick accent mixed with his fast paced vocals put you right in London on a summer day. Catchy choruses don’t mess around and  you’re bound to sing along with them. High production gives his music an entirely modern feel that’s like indie hip hop meets Jamie Vardy. Chat shit, get banged, chavs.

Sigrid – Norway

Don’t Kill My Vibe is her most popular song and it’s wholesome. Epic quality on top of sky-high vocals AND an emotional chord progression gives this artist a lot of creative diversity. Pop prowess up in Norway, be wary of this Scandinavian newcomer.

The Districts – US

High-energy yet reflective, these gents have the ability to both hype you up and move you to tears. A band this refreshing and diverse must be quite the experience live. Twangy like Kings of Leon, but with a fresh outlook on rock that sounds like that of British greats from the 2000s. Together, we get a mighty product that is The Districts.

The Parrots – Spain

Blending English and Spanish vocals, The Parrots’ bluesy sound could make anyone fall in love with their latin flair. Summery vibes reminiscent of fun and excitement are just part of their ethos; big ups to these indie rock and rollers. I certainly didn’t expect to enjoy these parrots, who are anything but mimics.

The Goon Sax – Australia

What a name for a groovy lighthearted band. They fully embody what I think of when someone mentions the word indie: upbeat, melodically driven and catchy. This is what I would hope to hear in a disco club, or anywhere that includes fun.

Tennyson – Canada

If you are into beats and electronically-produced instrumental stuff, these guys have it down. They are creative in all the right ways and truly precise in their craft. Over the course of their discography, they have collected an array of unexpected drops and unique samples. We highly recommend the experience that is Tennyson.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these artists if you’re not able to attend the festival, and if you are going to be there then see these acts live and tell us all about it on twitter and in the comments!